Lab Director

Dr. Rosemary Sherriff

Professor and Chair
Department of Geography, Environment & Spatial Analysis

Environmental Studies Program

Graduate Faculty 
Forest and Wildland Sciences Program

Phone: 707-826-4119

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Current Lab Members


Research Associate

 Kelly Muth 

 Kelly Muth    

I have been working with Dr. Rosemary Sherriff since 2011.  As a geography student (BA 2012), I was both a teaching assistant for Physical Geography and an undergraduate research assistant in the Dendroecology Lab. I've continued to work as a lab technician in the Dendroecology Lab part-time since 2011.  My work includes dendrochronology, climate analysis and database management.


Current Graduate Students

Forest and Wildland Sciences Program, Natural Resources  

Julia Cavalli (2023 - present; co-advisor Stacy Drury)

CJ Copper (2023 - present; co-advisor Lucy Kerhoulas)

David Dorval (2023 - present; co-advisor Lucy Kerhoulas, Kerry Byrne)

Kris Jerpseth (2023 - present; co-advisor Lucy Kerhoulas)

Zoe Ziegler (2023 - present; co-advisor Lucy Kerhoulas) 


Alumni Graduate Students and Research Associates

Sophia Lemmo (MS 2022)

MS Thesis: Drought, tree mortality and regeneration in Northern California

Co-advisor: Lucy Kerhoulas





Gabriel Rolletti (MS 2022)

 MS Thesis: Tree-growth responses to drought, competition and habitat in diverse conifer species in Northern California

Co-advisor: Lucy Kerhoulas





 Wallis Robinson (MS 2021)


MS Thesis: Influences on conifer drought responses in Northern California 

Co-advisor: Lucy Kerhoulas








Zach Wenderott (MS 2021)


MS Thesis: Effects of prescribed fire on drought resistance and recovery in a mixed-conifer forests of Lassen Volcanic National Park, California

Co-advisor: Phil van Mantgem, USGS








Jill Beckmann (MS 2019, BA Geography 2010)

MS Thesis: Competition, climate, and drought effects on tree growth in an encroached oak woodland in Northern California










Micah Wright, Research Associate (2017-2018)

Micah Wright




Laura Lalemand (MS 2018)

Laura Lalemand  

MS Thesis: Restoration and tree drought resistance in coast redwood-Douglas-fir forests at Redwood National Park, California

 Co-advisor: Phil van Mantgem, USGS


 Michael Vernon (MS 2017)

mike vernon  

MS Thesis: In the face of drought: do fuel treatments promote drought resistance in forests in Whiskeytown National Recreation Area?

Co-advisor: Phil van Mantgem, USGS



 Radek Glebocki (MS 2015)

Radek Glebocki (MS 2015)  

MS Thesis: Fuel loading and moisture dynamics in thinned coast redwood-Douglas fir forests in Headwaters Forest Reserve, California

Co-advisors: J. Morgan Varner III, Jeff Kane



 Zawisza Grabinski-Parker (MS 2015)

Zawisza Grabinski-Parker (MS 2015)  

MS Thesis: Reburn severity interactions over 30 years in the Klamath Mountain Ecoregion, California



 Madelinn Schriver (MS 2015)

Madelinn Schriver (MS 2015)  

MS Thesis: Stand and tree growth characteristics of Quercus Garryana and Quercus Kelloggi woodlands in Northwestern California


Undergraduate Research Assistants

Rebecca Batzel

  • Kris Anderson
  • Alysia Ballinger
  • Rebecca Batzel (photographed)
  • Courtney Brown
  • John Grimes
  • Tracy Gatumu
  • Alicia Iverson
  • Kelly Muth
  • Crystal Nuenschwander
  • Richard Olsen
  • Allisons Potts
  • Madelinn Schriver
  • Andrew Smith
  • Daniel Snow
  • Emelie Traub
  • Russell Walls
  • Sheamus Vaughn
  • Olivia Zotter
  • Sarah Aguiar
  • Asher Budnik
  • Ian Conway
  • Elizabeth Hinojosa
  • Suzanne Melendez
  • Diana Orozco
  • Brigitte Price
  • Colleen Smith
  • Perris Alfonzo
  • Maeve Flynn
  • Ashley Shannon
  • Rosalio Gonzalez
  • Jeremy Dustin
  • Sara Bandali