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Dr. Rosemary Sherriff

Department of Geography, Environment & Spatial Analysis

Environmental Studies Program

Graduate Faculty 
Forest and Wildland Sciences Program

Phone: 707-826-4119

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Current Lab Members


Research Associate


Kelly Muth 

 Kelly Muth    

I have been working with Dr. Rosemary Sherriff since 2011.  As a geography student (BA 2012), I was both a teaching assistant for Physical Geography and an undergraduate research assistant in the Dendroecology Lab. I've continued to work as a lab technician in the Dendroecology Lab part-time since 2011.  My work includes dendrochronology, climate analysis and database management.


 Current Graduate Students

 Forest and Wildland Sciences Program, Natural Resources


Zach Wenderott

  Thesis topic: Effectiveness of prescribed fire treatments during persisteent and severe drought in a mixed-conifer forest in Lassen National Park

Zach Wenderott received his Bachelor of Science degree from Montana State University in 2011. At this point, he cast a wide net of interests as he pursued several avenues that ranged from herpetology work on the Upper Missouri Breaks National Monument to salmonid spawning surveys, to working as a fisheries observer on the Pacific Ocean, and many other pursuits in-between. In 2015, Zach began working for the USGS based out of the Redwood Field Station, in Arcata, California. This work offered ample opportunity to travel across much of the western United States participating in a diverse spectrum of projects primarily geared towards enhancing the understanding of forest ecology and forest dynamics amidst changing climatic conditions. Zach also worked for a local forestry consulting firm in Arcata, further cementing his passion for forest stewardship. Through these experiences, he developed interests for forest ecology, forest management and conservation, and dendrochronology, as well as an increasing passion for backpacking and all things outdoors. In his pursuit of a Master of Science at Cal Poly Humboldt, his project is focused on furthering the understanding of the effects of existing prescribed fire management techniques and their subsequent benefit in enhancing tree resistance and resilience to severe drought events in Lassen National Park.


 Gabriel Rolletti

 Thesis topic: Tree-growth responses to drought, competition and habitat in diverse conifer species in Northern California






  Wallis Robinson

  Thesis topic: Carbon isotope responses to drought, competition, and habitat in diverse conifer species in Northern California

Wallis has a B.S. in Ecologically Integrated Design, and has worked as a technician in a variety of fields relating to conservation. She has experience in fungal culture, invasive species control, and restoration ecology, and has done stints in entomology labs. She is interested in above and below ground mechanisms of forest resilience, and would like to explore how understanding these mechanisms can be used to improve urban environments and maintain ecosystem function in the backcountry. She is also interested in the role of art in science communication and social change. Wallis currently pursuing an Master's degree in the Natural Resources Department at Humboldt University and is assessing drought response in conifer species in the Klamath ecoregion using stable isotope analysis.




  Sophia Lemmo 

Thesis topic: Forest mortality and regeneration following drought in Northern California

Sophia has a B.S. in Forestry and Natural Resources from UC Berkeley, and has worked as a consulting Registered Professional Forester in Northern California. Through her work designing and implementing silvicultural prescriptions targeted at enhancing forest resilience, she became interested in the mechanisms behind sustainable forest perpetuation. Currently, Sophia is pursuing a Master's of Science at Humboldt University, with a project focused on tree mortality and regeneration trends, especially in relation to the 2012-2015 California Drought, throughout Northern California.  




Alumni Graduate Students and Research Associates


 Jill Beckmann (MS 2019, BA Geography 2010)




MS Thesis: Competition, climate, and drought effects on tree growth in an encroached oak woodland in Northern California










 Micah WrightResearch Associate (2017-2018)

Micah Wright



 Laura Lalemand (MS 2018)

Laura Lalemand  

MS Thesis: Restoration and tree drought resistance in coast redwood-Douglas-fir forests at Redwood National Park, California


 Michael Vernon (MS 2017)

mike vernon  

MS Thesis: In the face of drought: do fuel treatments promote drought resistance in forests in Whiskeytown National Recreation Area?


 Radek Glebocki (MS 2015)

Radek Glebocki (MS 2015)  

MS Thesis: Fuel loading and moisture dynamics in thinned coast redwood-Douglas fir forests in Headwaters Forest Reserve, California


 Zawisza Grabinski-Parker (MS 2015)

Zawisza Grabinski-Parker (MS 2015)  

MS Thesis: Reburn severity interactions over 30 years in the Klamath Mountain Ecoregion, California


 Madelinn Schriver (MS 2015)

Madelinn Schriver (MS 2015)  

MS Thesis: Stand and tree growth characteristics of Quercus Garryana and Quercus Kelloggi woodlands in Northwestern California


Undergraduate Research Assistants

Rebecca Batzel

  • Kris Anderson
  • Alysia Ballinger
  • Rebecca Batzel (photographed)
  • Courtney Brown
  • John Grimes
  • Tracy Gatumu
  • Alicia Iverson
  • Kelly Muth
  • Crystal Nuenschwander
  • Richard Olsen
  • Allisons Potts
  • Madelinn Schriver
  • Andrew Smith
  • Daniel Snow
  • Emelie Traub
  • Russell Walls
  • Sheamus Vaughn
  • Olivia Zotter
  • Sarah Aguiar
  • Asher Budnik
  • Ian Conway
  • Elizabeth Hinojosa
  • Suzanne Melendez
  • Diana Orozco
  • Brigitte Price
  • Colleen Smith
  • Perris Alfonzo
  • Maeve Flynn
  • Ashley Shannon
  • Rosalio Gonzalez
  • Jeremy Dustin
  • Sara Bandali